Zockvolk Teamspeak Server

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Our Zockvolk Teamspeak Server

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Usual adress: dezv.de
Secondary adress:  ts.zockvolk.de | ts.multigaming.xyz

DDOS secure addresse: cloud.multigaming.xyz

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On our main server ‘dezv.de’ we provide public channel for you to communicate with you friends during game time or just to chill-talk with other people. For the bigger games e.g. CS:GO, LoL, etc. we have several team channel in store for you so you can play with your friends without getting interrupted by other users. Even though these channels are public an server as a meeting point for all the people that enjoy the corresponding game so feel free to ask other people to join their game. However if you just want to chill with your own friends you can create a own temporary channel with a password or if you have been already a couple times on our Teamspeak server you can ask an admin or operator create a own channel for you.  

~your DEZV-Team

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