Tamriel Online

Tamriel online server

Currently not available!

We also host a “Tamriel Online” test server. You can play with friends on it for testing everything.

  • Server Location: Germany, Nuremberg
  • 14GB RAM, Intel CPU, SSD
  • Good Ping for all European Country (should be under 60ms even in Sweden)
  • No questsync

The adress is: dezv.de with the standard tamriel online port. 1283


canpause = false
testing = false
port = 1283


You can join our Teamspeak if you want to be connected with other players. There is currently no ingame chat.

There is a dedicated Channel for Tamriel online.

Zockvolk Gamingcommunity TeamSpeak Viewer



When you want to contact the server admin you can write on Steam to:

or ask “Sens/ThexHQ ” on our Teamspeak.