General Rules/Netiquette

§ 1 Generally
Pornography and racism: Any unconstitutional or pornographic and racist statements or content is not allowed! This results in a ban! This also applies to nicknames and channel names.

§ 2 Names
Every user should use the same nickname on every of our servers and on all other platforms of the Zockvolk. That’s for your security and to keep the community clear of fakes etc.
2.1 So-called emotion nicknames are not allowed.
2.2 Nicknames and other content may not be inappropriate content. (See Point 1)

§ 3 Hacker attacks
Any attack against server is punishable. The IP addresses are logged and prosecuted in the case of an attack attempt of any kind. This also relates to the flooding with various programs and DOS attacks.

§ 4 Kicking and banning
Nobody will be kicked or banned without a reason.
4.1 Basically the decision to kick or ban a user is by the admins/moderators.
4.2 In case of an abuse of these rights this should be reported to an administrator.

§ 5 Advertising
Advertising in any form is not allowed, advertising needs to be approved by an administrator.

§ 6 Server-Admins and Channel-Admins (SA and CA)
Administrating/moderating people are committed to be neutral towards all users.
6.1 Also private Channel-Admins should act like mentioned in point 6.
6.2 Admins/Mods have the right to join into (secured) channels/areas at any time for any reason. Also they have the right, to move users out of their channel.
6.3 You must follow the instructions of an admin/mod.

§ 7 Private Data
Private data should never been transferred public. So you should use other methods like the private text chat for example.
7.1 We do everything to make every of our services secure, but everything you transfer (through) our services is at your own risk.
7.2 A Person of the team will never ask you for your private data.

§ 8 Trouble/disorder in dialog/chat
Planned trouble is not allowed expected the affected persons tolerate that.

§ 9 Observance of the rules
Every user accept the rules (and special rules) when connecting to one of our servers or using any of our services.
If the rules are violated all the operators and server admins have the right to take action. (see paragraph §4)

Additional Rules

Teamspeak Rules:

§ 1 Channel names 
Channel-names need to be English or German, since we could only translate that accurate.

§ 2 Music/audio tracks
The output of audio tracks is generally allowed as long as no one else is disturbed or harassed.
2.2 Music is normally protected by their owners. Most (not copyright free) music is forbidden to be played in Teamspeak.
You need to know by your own if you play whatever music.

§ 3 General behavior
“Channel-Hopping” is forbidden. (A user switching Channels rapidly and several times in a short amount of time)

§ 4 Data Upload
It is strictly forbidden to upload any Unconstitutional, Pornographic and/or copyright material (movies, music, etc.) to any channel.
4.1 If this case occurs, and then there is a procedure, the same clause as in point 5 applies.

4.2 It can not be expected that files stay for longer time in a channel. Especially if these files exceed a size of five megabyte.

§ 5 Channel amounts
A user can own a maximum of 2 Sub channels in total so one channel with two sub-channels. Exceptions possible.

§ 6 Recording
Recording is forbidden, except if the users in the corresponding channel agree to their voices/their sound being recorded.

§ 7 Plugins
Voice changers are forbidden.

§ 8 Server chats
The server chat is only allowed to be used to make (important) announcements and special messages.